Fire prevention and management

ForestrySA is committed to bushfire prevention, preparedness and response, working in cooperation with South Australia’s Country Fire Service (CFS), Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA), other forest managers, neighbouring landholders and other stakeholders to manage bushfires.

Many strategies are in place to protect plantation lands under ForestrySA’s management. These include:

  • Ensuring all forest firebreaks and fire access tracks on plantation land managed by ForestrySA are established and maintained in accordance with South Australian Government Agencies Fire Liaison Committee (GAFLC) standards.
  • The operation of seven fire towers across the Green Triangle, assisting in rapid fire detection.
  • Trained CFS / CFA firefighting personnel.
  • A fleet of modern fire tankers, bulk water carriers and other fire equipment maintained and strategically stationed across the Green Triangle, Mount Lofty Ranges and Mid North forest districts. 

No fires are permitted to be lit on ForestrySA land (including Forest Reserves) between 1 November and 30 April of any year.

For more information, call the ForestrySA Ranger on (08) 8521 1700. To report a fire, dial 000.

Prescribed burning

Information on planned prescribed burn operations can be found on the South Australian Country Fire Service website.

For more information regarding upcoming and recently completed prescribed burns, visit the Government of South Australia Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources website.