Mid North Forests

The Bundaleer and Wirrabara Forests are located in ForestrySA's Mid North Forest region and have long been popular places for recreational visitors and those keen to explore their rich cultural heritage.

Sites such as the rehabilitated Old Wirrabara Nursery offer a unique look into South Australia's plantation forestry history, Ippinitchie Campground provides the perfect base for campers wanting to explore the local area.

Bundaleer Forest

The Historic Bundaleer Forest is regarded as the birthplace of forestry in Australia and is still home to Curnow's Hut, the original residence built for the district's first nursery worker, William Curnow.

Bundaleer is situated in South Australia's Mid North, to the south of the township of Jamestown. From Adelaide, drive 220km north through Clare and Spalding.

Parts of the Bundaleer Forest remain closed to visitors following a bushfire in January 2013.
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Wirrabara Forest

Wirrabara Forest is situated in the Southern Flinders Ranges, three hours' drive north from Adelaide, west of the township of Wirrabara. From Adelaide, drive up through Clare, Gladstone and Laura.

Parts of the Wirrabara Forest remain closed to visitors following the Bangor Bushfire in January 2014.
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For further information on either the Bundaleer or Wirrabara Forest areas, contact the Wirrabara Forest Office.

Wirrabara Forest Office
Forest Road
Telephone: (08) 8668 5000
Email: forestrysa@forestrysa.com.au

Forest access, permits and event applications

Permits are required for certain in-forest activities and events.

This helps ForestrySA to look after its forest areas for the benefit of local communities and visitors, ensuring they remain popular for years to come.

To obtain a forest access permit for activities in the Wirrabara and Bundaleer Forests, please use the self-issue and payment facilities located outside the Wirrabara forest offices or get in touch using the details above.

For event applications, please contact the forest office.

Please note that electronic permits will not be accepted.

The forest is closed to the public on declared Total Fire Ban days. In the event of a fire call 000.

No fires of any kind are permitted to be lit by members of the public on ForestrySA land, including all Forest Reserves, between November 1 and April 30 in any year. Camping is prohibited from 1 December to 31 March.